Maintenance Overview

The District provides ongoing maintenance to its channels including monthly mowing and debris removal, biannual fertilization, pest control and repairs as needed. A thorough maintenance plan protects the community and controls erosion to minimize expensive repair work and keep the drainage facility in compliance with city, state and federal regulations. WFDD's maintenance plan consists of but is not limited to the following:

  • Monthly mowing (15' Bat-wing Mower and 4X4 Tractor) to ensure the Bermuda plant is not growing too high and to prevent the plant from going to seed

  • Summer fertilization to promote a healthy Bermuda plant and fall (Rye) over-seeding and fertilization (poultry-based organic fertilizer 4-2-2) to crowd out weeds and other annuals as well as to serve as a nurse grass for the Bermuda grass when it dies in the spring.

  • Monitoring of repair needs as they arise. Such repairs include but are not limited to de-silting, pipe replacement, slope re-grading, graffiti removal and landscape repair necessary to maintain proper drainage such as in the case of sink holes or damage incurred by vehicles unlawfully on the channels.

Please contact Champions Hydrolawn at 713-909-2301 for maintenance inquiries regarding the drainage channels and banks.

Right of Access

The District strictly forbids access by any property owners on the District's drainage channels for any type of construction activity. The District may fine the homeowner and will bill the homeowner for any damages to the District's property. In some circumstances, the District may permit construction activity if the homeowner signs an access agreement with the District and provides the required deposit. Please contact the District's attorney, Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, LLP at 713-860-6400 for inquiries as to an access agreement. Use of motorized vehicles is also strictly prohibited on all District properties.