Movie Night - Tangled

July 15, 2017


On the eve of her 18th birthday, senses that there's more to life than the tower where she has always lived with her mother Gothel.

Indeed, Gothel kidnapped her as an infant from her parents, the King and Queen, because her hair has rejuvenating properties that keeps Gothel forever young.

As long as she never cuts it. When handsome young thief Flynn (Levi) turns up at the tower, Rapunzel's curiosity boils over and she sneaks off with him to explore the world outside. Her mother is more than furious.

Note: This film is rated PG, and that’s something to think about if you have little ones.

Picnic and lawn chairs welcome. Willow Fork Drainage District's Central Green is a family, fun environment with a wide variety of events from Tai Chi, Home School classes, movies, festivals, concerts and more! All events at WFDD Central Green are FREE to the public and made possible by the Willow Fork Drainage District.

 Please no alcohol, glass, balls or pets.