Reading Camp on the Green

August 8, 2017


The reading camp at the green is an hour long activity complete with fun books to read, teepees to retreat to and a child friendly campfire to sit around and story tell. Reading outdoors provides an amazing sensory experience for children and allows them to explore sounds, work on their listening skills and learn to pay attention. The reading camp will involve a number of tasks that will create a wonderful learning environment for the children. From word and color hunts to using the outdoors to act out their favorite books; the reading camp is definitely a great way to encourage a love for books in young minds and hearts. To enjoy this activity your child needs a picnic blanket, one of his/her favorite books and lots of imagination.


The Reading Camp was created by a young mom whose child spent many days at the hospital. At just 6 months of age she noticed that her baby boy loved escaping to the wonderful worlds the books took him to and she really wanted to share this joy with other children. Story telling is a beautiful way to learn; and by participating in the reading camp children can make new friends, enjoy some sunshine and let their imagination grow.