Youth Leadership Series

March 25, 2017

11am - 2pm

Benedictine Tutors is promoting the new Youth Leadership Series specifically designed to motivate, strengthen and embolden teens as they prepare to graduate. Join us as we present a variety of topics every month that will both inspire and engage high school students to help them on their way as they become the leaders of tomorrow.  

Mar 25 – CyberBullying & Self Defense Demos

Keynotes: Officer James Grima & William Collier

Entertainment: DJ

In the modern era where developing a strong social media presence is encouraged, even the best-intended postings can become complicated when others attack. Learn how to deal with and combat CyberBullying with additional demonstrations in personal Self Defense.

Upcoming Leadership Topics...


  • Skill Building - Mentoring
  • College Day & Financial Aid Workshops
  • CyberBullying & Self Defense
  • Skill Building - Public Speaking & Debate
  • AntiBullying & Drug Awareness
  • and much more.


For more information, please contact us at 832-588-4408.