Official Rules

WFDD Central Green

Talent Showcase
September 30, 2017

Launch Date: July 17, 2017
All Entries Must be in by: September 15, 2017
All Finalist and Alternates Notified: August 25, 2017

Timeline and other aspects may change

The WFDD Katy Talent Showcase is designed to find the most promising amateur vocalist in Katy and surrounding areas and to give these performers a chance to launch their professional music careers.


  1. All contestants must submit a video clip to our contest page.
  2. There are two categories; Category 1- Ages 7-17; Category 2- Ages 18 and older. Proof of age must be presented at performance. In ability to provide documentation verifying age will disqualify contestant from competition.
  3. Paid performers or “professional artist” may not participate
  4. Contestants must demonstrate, to the WFDD Parks Board, that they do not have any of the following
    1. contract for talent representation (for example, a talent agent or manager);
    2. music recording contract;
    3. a merchandising agreement;
    4. any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit contestant from entering the competition.
    5. Derive a significant portion of their income from public recording or performance.


  1. Contestants will supply their own backup music (i.e. CD tracks, or guitar. If a keyboard is needed, a digital piano will be provided). No backing vocals are allowed.
  2. Contestants must list 5 songs from which selection will be made for the semi-finals and finals.  (See Performance Guidelines)
  3. Submit a short personal bio about yourself, including information for your introduction by the emcee and highlights of your accomplishments in your past performances and your aspirations in your singing career.
  4. Submit a photo of yourself.


  1. Each contestant is required to be ready with two (2) song selections with total time performance not to exceed seven (7) minutes.
  2. Contestants will perform with a pre-recorded music or with their own instrumental backing (no backup vocals allowed). Only a hand held instrument or accompaniment with one musician allowed using hand held instrument. No piano's, drums or large equipment.
  3. All contestants must fill out a Form of Release once selected as a finalist. Contestant must provide WFDD Central Green with name, address, phone number and email and return before September 20, 2017    
  4. Contestants who qualify for the finals will be notified by phone and email on or before September 18, 2017 and the winners will be posted on the Willow Fork Drainage District Central Green website www.CentralGreenPark.com and on our Facebook Page.


Contestants compete within their respective division.  The four winners per category as selected by Facebook votes, will compete on the Willow Fork Drainage District stage September 30, 2017. In the event of a tie, the WFDD Parks Committee will select the winning finalist.


  • Solo acts only;    
  • Contestants compete within their respective age category as established in this document.
  • Songs submitted for performance will be reviewed for approval by the WFDD Parks Committee and, once approved, cannot be changed. All submissions and performances MUST be G or PG rated.
  • All performances must be done in good taste; no music or lyrics that WFDD considers to be offensive may be performed. The WFDD reserves the right to refuse a song that they deem inappropriate for the show format.
  • Harmony vocals, other vocal accompaniments and backup by others are NOT allowedl.    
  • Limited to Texas residents
  • Two categories: 7- 17 years of age and 18 years of age and over
  • All contestants must be able to perform on September 30, 2017 and the rain dates October 27th, October 28th and November 4th.  If all of these dates are rained out or cancelled for any reason, event will take place December 16th.
  • Only one entry per contestant
  • Only one vote per person per day
  • Willow Fork Drainage District has the right to refuse any performer or disqualify performer for any reason
  • All performances MUST be G or PG rated.
  • No lewd comments or gestures. No inappropriate or suggestive dancing or hand motions or signal or words.
  • Prizes may vary from those listed
  • Recording studio time will be arraigned solely between studio and performer. Coovert DJ and Sound will provide WFDD with gift card for studio session with value agreed upon between WFDD and Audio Realm Studios for 10 hours, professional, recording session.
  •  No special lighting, props or special effects may be used.


To ensure fairness, the judging will be done by a selected panel that is comprised of an odd number.

Judging Criteria:
Performances will be awarded 1 – 10 points in each of the following categories:

  1. Vocal Ability: Rhythm / Pitch / Enunciation / Overall Ability
  2. Stage Presence: Movement / Stage Professionalism
  3. Song Selection
  4. Overall Talent/Entertainment

WFDD reserves the right to establish a new Judging Criteria. 

Tie Breaker

  • In the event of a tie, the first tie-breaker shall be the highest number of points given in "Overall Talent" category.
  • The second tie-breaker shall be the highest number of points awarded in the "Vocal category".
  • The third tie-breaker shall be by a secret vote of the judges based on overall performance style and impact. 


All eight finalist will perform at the Talent Showcase in front of two talent, booking agencies!

(Prizes awarded in each category)

What can you win in our WFDD Talent Showcase?

1st Place: A 10 hour, professional recording studio session from Audio Realm Studios, A $100 Visa Gift Card from Abrakadoodle, A $75 Visa Gift Card from Preferred Urgent Care, A $50 Gift Card from Guitar Center, and a KVPAC Fall Company Master Class covering necessary elements needed for every great performer.  Teeth Whitening in our adult category, and for our younger category, valuable smile care products, all from Bright Orthodontics. The best part is that the finalist will be heard by TWO BOOKING AGENTS! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for up and coming STARS!
(One first place winner per category. See rules for details.)

Second Place: a KVPAC Fall Company Master Class. The class will explore necessary elements needed for every great performer and a Guitar Center Gift Card

Third Place: a KVPAC Fall Company Master Class. The class will explore necessary elements needed for every great performer, a Guitar Center Gift Card

Fourth Place: a KVPAC Fall Company Master Class. The class will explore necessary elements needed for every great performer, A Guitar Center Gift Card

Studio Session and Gift Cards provided by Coovert DJ and Sound.

Other prizes will be added and awarded.



Contact information:Contests@willowforkparks.com


Timeline for Live Competition September 30, 2017

Timeline is Subject to Change

1pm- Band arrives and sets up leaving microphone stands and guitars back off of apron of stage

  • 3:30pm- Band is completely set up
  • Contestant arrive and sign in
  • 3:30pm- Contestants go over logistics with sound man
  • 4pm- Judges arrive
  • 4:15pm- Announcements are made
  • 4:30pm- Judges introduced and interviewed
  • 4:45pm- Rule game and introduction to contest
  • 5pm-6pm- 17 and under perform
  • Judges comment review and interaction between acts
  • 6pm-7pm- 18 and older perform
  • Judges comment review and interaction between acts
  • 7pm- Rustic Reverb begins
  • 7:30pm- 8pm- Winners are announced and awarded prizes
  • 8pm-9pm- Rustic Reverb