Exploration Park

Exploration Park

Exploration Park is a linear park alongside the north side of WFDD's diversion channel, just south of Creech Elementary. Opened spring 2015, it provides an immersive outdoor public space unlike any other in the area.

The design of Exploration Park is rooted in children’s play, environmental stewardship, educational principles, and an overall site design inspired by water. It also offers visitors a multipurpose play area, an open lawn for unstructured play, and a pavilion with covered picnic area.

Play features include a sensory garden, multiple varieties of swings, a slide tower and bridge connecting to a hill slide, a musical bridge, and a raindrop berm lawn in which the earthwork evokes the notion of a giant raindrop ripple in the lawn. In addition, an interactive water cycle wall demonstrates valuable principles through a hands-on educational experience. The capture of rainwater from atop the picnic area’s pavilion and an arroyo, or dry creek bed, accented with native plants encourages water conservation throughout the site. Educational signage throughout the play areas further enhances the learning experience.

Exploration Park was funded from bond proceeds as part of WFDD's Phase II Parks Master Plan. Neighboring the park is the District's Storm Water Quality Project, which is currently under construction with expected completion in the spring of 2016. See Storm Water Quality Project on this website for more information.

Willow Fork Drainage District does not accept reservations for the pavilion at Exploration Park, it is available for use on a first come first, first served basis.


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